Incline Fitness

Created by High School students for High School students.

What is it?

First and foremost Incline Fitness is an application built to enter and analyze Presidential Fitness data. It was built by high school students for high school students and aims to provide a simple solution to a complex problem.

Incline Fitness provides a completely free solution to every elementary and high school in Illinois. This solution comes packaged with the means to enter data through a mobile application and to generate reports through a web application.

Why use it?

Thats a fair question, we think you should use Incline Fitness because we believe it is exactly the solution you are looking for.


Incline Fitness is completely accessable, meaning that no matter what platform you are on. You can enter and analyze data. See out web app and IOS app for more details.


Its simple enough, Incline Fitness is free. Its a free service, without sacrificing performance.


Incline Fitness was developed by high school students, for high school students. This ensures the user experience is streamlined and free of unnecessary bloat.

How Does it Work?

Incline Fitness works by allowing students to enter data: faster, more frequently and more accurately. The app connects to a database, effectively storing all students data. The web app allows teachers to view the student data and generate useful reports, comparing and visualizing the student fitness data.

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    Students Enter Fitness Tests

    Students complete Presidential Fitness tests as assigned by their P.E. department. After a student completes a test, they can open the Incline Fitness mobile app and login using their school office 365 account. After a student has logged in, they can navigate to the test’s specific location within the app interface and enter the test result.

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    Teachers Evaluate Student Data

    After a student enters data, it gets sent to a database on the cloud. From their it is piped into our priority web app dashboard, (Incline Fitness Web) it allows teachers to create classes and add students to those classes. After a teacher has set up their class, they can utilize the analytics tools to compare and contrast student test scores.

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    Students See Progress

    Once a teacher creates a class and generates a report for each student. A notification is sent to that student, letting him or her know that their progress report has been generated and that they can login to their Incline Fitness Web account to see it. From this point the report can be printed, emailed, or exported in csv for use in Microsoft Excel.

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Ok Im Sold, Show Me.

At this time, Incline Fitness is still being developed. However, you can sign up to be notified when the entire solution is avaliable.